Visit 9

Modsterpiece: Days 9 and 10

Short Bursts of Production

Ever since I got back from my vacation, I’ve been trying to focus on my own work but not so successful. During the week I’ve been focusing on work and trying to get together a new portfolio site to showcase my work. That’s left little time for my Mosterpiece project.

For the past two Saturdays I’ve been going to the museum to sit with the painting with mixed results. Something is a little off. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m going to the weekend or if my mind is preoccupied with outside stimuli. The first Saturday I worked was kind of a bust. I spent more time with Laura and Denis, hanging out in the gift shop. Last Saturday, I was more focused but only got a couple of hours in. The visitors on Saturday are a little different from those during the week. On the weekend, it’s the same type of tourist/visitor, just they’re a little more┬árambunctious. It seems like the loud talkers stake their claim on the weekend, making the experience a little less meditative. Overall, it was a pleasant and well-needed moment of self-indulgence on my part.

Visit 9
Day 9 of my painting











Visit 10
More work was done on day 10.
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