Meet the Judges: Chinese New Year Coloring Contest

Here judges comes the judges

I was able to pull some favors and get a great group of friends who agreed to judge my first coloring contest. All three judges are classically trained artists and make a living being creative. What’s unique about this group is that they have a collection of styles and technical skills. I can’t think of a better group of artists to oversee this little competition.

The deadline for the coloring contest is March 13, 2018. Check out my blog post with the contest details.

People entering the contest have voiced concern that they are being judged by professional artists. Please don’t be intimidated and let it prevent you from entering. All three judges understand that this is a fun contest and that’s how their approaching the competition. I wanted to remove myself from the judging so that the contest would be 100 percent impartial.

Todd Churn

Todd Churn is a freelance animator and illustrator. Whenever he gets the chance, Todd always likes to create a new character for a story or animate a run cycle. He’s made animated sprites for games, and have been working on PBS Kids promos as well.


Hannah Churn

Hannah Churn is an animator and illustrator located in Washington D.C. Currently she’s using her right side of the brain for The Duke and The Duck. When not creating art, Hannah is creating art. She runs a comic called Palindrome and is an avid doodler of cats.



Maluchi is elusive and cannot be found online. This mysterious figure is said to fade in and out of existence like string particles. Some say he is a ghost similar to an urban legend. While there is some debate as to who this being is; what is known is that Maluchi is an artist that can utilize many tools with great proficiency across a wide array of media. Evidence exist that he attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia obtaining a degree in animation. It is believed that his base of operations is located in the DC metro area.

Maluchi has routinely demonstrated the ability to build environments and animate sculpted characters in 3d using various programs like Maya and Zbrush. He is not limited to just 3D animation and is also well versed in traditional frame-by-frame animation.

Dealing mainly with the representational art spectrum, vividly detailed digital illustrations materialize like magic for those that need. Depictions of monsters, people, and strange places have been known to appear in magazines or books. When the work is concluded he vanishes while the work remains.

Some believe he might be Italian, although this notion is purely conjecture. After numerous sightings of this illusive and enigmatic figure, a composite sketch (shown above) has been generated from eyewitness accounts.

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