John Singer Sargent Day 2

Modsterpiece: Day 2

An Afternoon Quickie

Yesterday, I headed over to the museum to get about 1.5 hours in during the afternoon. I was excited to get down there and begin painting. I didn’t get much done, but this is really turning into a cool experience. Sitting and having unbroken focus is really┬ámeditative. Plus the atmosphere is great. The natural light that spills in from the ceilings and the calming nature of the environment.

John Singer Sargent Day 2
Starting to paint over the color blocking

Being there on a weekend afternoon was very quiet. Also, the beautiful weather kept the tourists outdoors. I am planning on going down for a little bit today. Tonight while I’m at work, I’m going to print out the ArtRage Pro manual to see if I could use any new tips and tricks. Since I have been working on this on Friday, it has given me the motivation to read more about the software program. Today for example, I found out that you can use the crayon as a technique to blend colors.

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