Repose Day 5

Modsterpiece: Day 5

Friday Is Becoming My Favorite Day of the Week

Last Friday I had the chance to paint at the museum all day. It was a perfect day, again. The weather was great. I had lunch with Dennis again in the refectory. Mental note to self — I need to dress a little better to have lunch with Dennis. Wearing my “I Love Jesus and French Fries” didn’t really cut it. I think a collared shirt might be a better solution.

Repose Day 5










Spending hours with the painting may seem boring. I was worried at first if I would be able to maintain interest. The museum is so beautiful and the room that I am working in has natural light. I think all of that plays into holding my interest. The best part for me though is sitting with the painting. It’s incredible how much you can see when you focus on one element at a time for hours. The subtly of the painting keeps holding my interest and keeps me coming back.


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