Repose Day 4

Modsterpiece: Day 4

Repose Day 4

A Day Out With Dennis

I had the best day yet at the National Gallery of Art, although it started off a little frustrating. Today the weather was mild and cool with a decent breeze. Since it was so nice outside, the visitors were at a minimum at the museum.

Early on in the day, I was getting a little frustrated over trying to mimic the the color and shading of the painting. At one point I had a moment questioning if starting this was even a good idea. I hate when that little voice starts working its magic in the back of your head. When I’m trying to concentrate and focus on a task and that voice starts to chime, it becomes a deafening echo. While this inner conflict was playing out, a man with his wife interrupted me to tell me that I was doing a great job and he even thanked me which was kind of weird. So far in this experience, no one came up to talk to me until this moment when I was going to pack it in and go home. It was some kind of serendipitous intervention.

After that I kind of snapped out of my dark moment and pushed through. One thing that has helped me greatly while I work is listening to my iPod. Since I started painting, I have only been listening to one artist —  Johane Alexie. If you get a chance, download the album, IT’S FREE! I find this album hypnotic and I just listen to it for hours on repeat.

For lunch I went to lunch with Dennis, a friend who works in the gift shop. He was able to recharge my Modbook and get us reservations at the staff refectory. That’s their uppity way of saying cafeteria/restaurant. We sat outside on a rooftop patio overlooking the Mall. It was a beyond perfect break. Plus, Dennis is always a crack up!

When I got back I worked until a little after 4P. This is the first time I got close to a full day thanks to Dennis recharging my computer. I walked away today understanding that this isn’t going to be a perfect replica or the original, but hopefully with some love and attention, I’ll be able to make it good. I hope you enjoy!


Repose Day 4


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  1. I’m glad you were able to quiet that voice in your head because this piece is looking fantastic even in the beginning stages. I, too, find music is an important influence — it motivates and inspires. I’m going to check Johane out. I can’t wait to see the final product, so keep it up.