Adobe Offsetting: July 2014

I discovered shortly after my blog post yesterday on great animation software announcements that Tupi was launching their Indiegogo campaign the following day. Well today is the following day and you can now contribute to Tupi for a Windows version plus Gustav’s next series of fixes and features.

Last year, Gustav launched a campaign on Kickstarter. He received over $4,000 USD in pledges but since he didn’t real his lofty goal of $30K, he didn’t receives any of the funds. Now with this new campaign, Gustav’s trying Indiegogo and a more achievable number of $6,000 USD. If Gustav doesn’t reach his goal, Indiegogo will let him keep the funding but they’ll take a higher percentage.

In the past year Gustav has proven his commitment to the Tupi project. Even though he didn’t get the funding that he wanted, Gustav has made a usable version of Tupi for Mac; worked more on the development of the Android app; integrated a camera input for stop motion animation; improved tweening options; made it possible to arrange object order; and many other milestones. The amount of work that he’s put into Tupi is incredible.

Canvas rotation

Tweening improvements

Copy timeline forward

Import and edit elements from Gimp, Krita, and MyPaint

Webcam controls for stopmotion

Networking potential

Download and try out Tupi for yourself. Just think, without funding he has made significant strides. Just think about what he could do with proper funding. Tupi is just in it’s infancy, but with your support Gustav can make Tupi a professional solution for animation. I’m excited to see what he has in store next!

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