Clothing Ideas for Misty

In between working on Misty’s new feet and poses over the past weekend. I started trying out different clothing options for Misty.

The cover up

I’ve been working on Misty as a character for some time now. When I work in public spaces like Starbucks, I feel kind of like a perv. It’s sad that Misty doesn’t have any clothes on while in public. Crazy, right? I’m getting closer to finishing all her body parts and poses, and I’m excited to get her into some clothes. So in between working in Synfig, I’ve been doodling clothes in MyPaint. I definitely think she’s more of a pants-wearing kinda gal.

Misty definitely prefers pants
Misty definitely prefers pants
This is the outfit I like most so far...
This is the outfit I like most so far…
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