Painting for EssHaych

Two New Artrage/iPad Paintings

Thank yous

Two people I met on Flickr who’ve been very kind, inspired and helped me spark creativity. As a repayment, I painted them each a picture of one of their most cherished possessions, their dolls. It’s really nice to meet people online who are genuinely interested in sharing their knowledge. OnePinkHippo and EssHaych are wonderful people and quite talented in the ways of doll craft. Check out there Flickr accounts to see the magic:)


Painting for EssHaych
Painting of Blythe-clone doll, Lilith, for EssHaych


Here is the first painting I did. It was for EssHaych and it took a while. All the patterns and shadows on the face took some time to perfect. I really enjoyed taking the time to paint and it started to jump start my brain creatively. Sometimes distracting myself with fun little assignments gets me in the mood for the bigger picture. For the longest time, I’ve been pushing off an animation character and idea that I’ve had for some time now. Looking at dolls was a natural progression for me. At first, it was something comforting from childhood that I was resurrecting while working through a life change. It’s funny how making an adult decision can make me regress to happy moments from childhood. These dolls were also helping me in some way keep the cut-out animation project I started, alive. The pose-able limbs and proportion of form lent to keeping my earlier animated character in my head. These unintentional similarities to my cut-out character gave me the opportunity to bring her into the physical world for a short period of time, working with my hands in the physical world instead of always communicating via the screen.

Zooey Painting for OnePinkHippo

The second painting for OnePinkHippo came out great. Doing these iPad paintings have made me helped me with feel more comfortable with ArtRage. I first bought ArtRage to create backgrounds for my animations, but I never knew where to start. I think that I learned to paint what you know, like writing, and your work will follow you. I’m excited and nervous to pack my childhood away again for a while and focus on animation work, the whole reason why I quit working a full-time job.

These two wonderful ladies helped me with my enlightenment and I can’t thank them enough for all their help and guidance!

As a thank you, EssHaych posted this picture of Lilith with her new painting. It was great to see someone appreciate what I created and in return has helped me rediscover some of my former confidence. Thanks again, EssHaych and OnePinkHippo. You’ve both really helped me find the strength to move on with my animation project that I sat aside. I’m ready to succeed!

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