Misty and MyPaint

While I was working on all of Misty’s different poses in Synfig, I got sidetracked and started playing in a sweet open source painting program called MyPaint.

Painting tool for an artist

That pretty much sums up MyPaint—it’s a wonderful tool designed for artists. The simple interface and ease of use make MyPaint a breeze. There are plenty of great brushes to make any creation. It has the same feel as programs like ArtRage or Sketchbook Pro. I ended up spending most of my Sunday trying all the features. Go to their site and check it out. I recommend downloading the new version (1.1.0). In the new version they added all the blending options for layers that we’ve fallen in love with while using Photoshop. Plus you also get cool features like symmetry mode and the gamut mask.  David Revoy wrote a concise blog post on the new features.

MyPaint's simple interface
MyPaint’s simple interface
Painted Misty using MyPaint

Final word

MyPaint’s a great tool. It has cool features like a limitless canvas which I’ve never seen on any other drawing app. You can keep painting and painting, making the image as large as you want. Overall, MyPaint is defintely a go-to tool that I’ll be using to paint and draw. It still can’t replace ArtRage, but it’s a handy tool to have on my Linux laptop. The only feature that it’s missing is ArtRage’s smoothing options with the pen tool. I can’t get a clean pen line in Mypaint or Sketchbook like I can in ArtRage.


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