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  1. I started painting after retirement. I am now 69. I saw Repose two years ago and was knocked out by it’s beauty and dumbfounded by the mastery of color and brushwork. Well, I am in the middle of a painting a still life and had the ‘brilliant'(?) idea to use a satin cloth as a table cover. Wouldn’t it be great to mimic that shiny effect in Sargent’s painting? Well, as a painting student, I am learning humility. Besides the subject, your use of a computer also interested me because my 13 yr old granddaughter uses a computer to draw. She writes stories and illustrates some of the scenes. I don’t know the name of the program she uses, but watching her sketch, refine, color and shade was truly amazing to watch. And your narrative was fun to read. The upshot of all this is that I will continue my color study, trying to work out which shades of which paints will give me the range necessary to painting the table shirt in at least a facsimily of what I want. So you have inspired me not to give up. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Elain! I’m glad you enjoyed the blog post:) You should check out Tim’s Vermeer if you get a chance. It’s cool watching someone not classically trained as an artist try to break down Vermeer’s style. Sargent has this amazing way of creating depth and moods with blacks. Good luck with your satin. I’d love to see what you’re working on. Good luck and let me know how it goes. 🙂