Win a new laptop by entering iAniMagic 2014

For those interested in making wonderful animations with the chance of winning a new computer, look no further! Kdan Mobile extended their iAnimagic 2014 competition. If you have a laptop or computer that’s a little long in the tooth, here’s your opportunity to get an upgrade. The first prize for the contest is a MacBook Air.

All you have to do is download the Animation Desk app on your Mac, iPad, PC or Android device; create an animation that you think is award winning; and post the animation on Kdan’s Anizone site.

Free and practically free

iPad and Android users can enter using the free version of the software, so there’s no purchase necessary. Recently this week Kdan was offering 80% off Animation Desk Premium app for the iPad. That means that you can purchase the app for only 99¢USD! Take this opportunity to start animating on your mobile device. What more incentive do you need?

Act now and snatch up the premium version of the app for just pennies!

Submit and be judged

This year I’m participating as a judge and would love to see as many entries as I can. You can read more about the contest from a blog post I wrote when the contest started.

I believe in Kdan’s software. They listen to users and implement changes and fixes regularly. I use the software to plan storyboards when I’m on the go the work I create is easy to share for collaborating with others.

Don’t miss out on winning big! Time is running out. Kdan extended the deadline for entries but you have only 14 days (November 12th) from today to submit your ideas. Good luck and I look forward to seeing heaps of stupendous animation!


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