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2014 iAniMagic winners

Over Thanksgiving week, I was fortunate enough to participate as a judge in Animation Desk’s iAniMagic contest. Animation desk is an animation app that’s available…

Win a new laptop by entering iAniMagic 2014

For those interested in making wonderful animations with the chance of winning a new computer, look no further! Kdan Mobile extended their iAnimagic 2014 competition….

Adobe Offsetting: September 2014

I was hoping it was still September somewhere in the world yesterday morning when I made my contribution to Adobe Offsetting. I wanted to give…

Hanx app reignites manual typewriter romance

My first experiences typing as a child was with a cast-iron Underwood. It weighed what seemed to be over a hundred pounds and had ebony…

Adobe Offsetting: February 2014

For February, I decided to do something a little new and donate to a device instead of software. Why not? Anything that makes me a…


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