Baldy Character

New Character & ArtRage Script Error

Baldy Character
Baldy Character

Starting from a doodle

This little guy was created out of being bored yesterday. I don’t know if I’d use him for anything, but it was fun to just play.

ArtRage Woes

I received an error again when trying to run the script for this illustration. It seems that when the illustration gets too much info, it may choke when trying to redraw the script. I tried restarting the iPad and only having ArtRage running while painting. I love the ability to save scripts so I hope that they work this kink out. I found that keeping the illustration simple helps a great deal. When file sizes start to get large, the script freaks out. I would love to know if other people are having the same problem.


The ArtRage script error turned out to be my fault. My iPad was overcapacity I’m sure that’s what caused the error. So, make sure have enough space when using the ArtRage script function. I definitley learned my lesson. And special thanks goes out to the guys at ArtRage for looking into the error! I wish all software developers were as responsive as them:)

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