iPad/ArtRage Testing: Increased Resolution

 Make It Bigger

While working in ArtRage on the iPad, I didn’t realize that I had the ability to increase the size of the canvas. Using the default size was too small, making it was difficult to paint details and blend paint. Increasing the Canvas size to the maximum (2048 x 2048 for iPad II) really seems to help. As I mentioned in an earlier post, there is a script function that can redraw the canvas at any size if you run it on your desktop version of ArtRage. This has the potential of really making ArtRage a portable tool.

Working With ArtRage on the iPad

So far I have enjoyed using ArtRage on the iPad. I’m a little jaded because I own a Modbook, which gives me tablet capability directly on my laptop screen. Of course it’s more powerful and has a more robust feel and response in the  desktop program. The iPad is a pretty successful compromise. The tools in the app for the iPad are almost identical. I am still trying to get a handle of using the iPad stylus instead of the Wacom stylus for the Modbook. On the iPad, it’s taking me a little longer to blend colors to my satisfaction. I think with a little more practice, I’ll be able to get more favorable results. Just increasing the size has been a huge plus boost to my confidence in using this app as a daily tool.

Initial Sketch WIth Larger Canvas. Pencil and Color Blocking
Painting in Some of the Detail
iPad Test 003
Attempting to Paint and Add Detail

This is a test, so I didn’t spend a whole lot of time plotting out the image when I was sketching. Again, the painting and blending feels a little less responsive than the full computer version. That of course is to be expected. I did however like the speed and agility with the iPad as a form. One fuction that I dearly miss on the iPad app is clean your brush button. It makes a wonderfully light hearted bubbling water sound effect and it’s easily available when the setting to manually clean the brush is selected. Currently with the iPad app, you have to constantly go into the setting to turn ‘auto-clean’ off and on. It slows you down over time.

Working with the Modbook is great, but the weight can give you a hand cramp if you like holding it while working. I’ll post the script results next so you can see if working at a larger size actually helps that function. I’m assuming that it will. More to come… 🙂

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