Artwork From a Student

A Thomas Frye original!

Over the past school year I’ve been adjunct teaching at Northern Virginia Community College. I had two students who were repeat students and it was great working with them throughout the year, being part of their professional development. One of those students was Thomas.

Today I was finishing up paper work on campus and scheduled lunch with Thomas since I was up in his neck of the woods. It was a shock to have an original piece waiting for me as appreciation for working with him over the school year. I’ll miss staying late after class and talking to the students about art or just hanging out. I wish them all the best—especially the ones who donate art for my wall!

If you are interested in seeing more of Thomas’ work, check out his blog. Thomas’ illustration style and creative thinking has been an inspiration! Thanks so much for getting me thinking again!



Thomas Frye Original Illustration
Thomas Frye Original Illustration (Click image to enlarge.)
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