'Bones' Paste Layer

Synfig How To: Bones Trick for Cut-Out Character

Quadro Chave is the Bomb!

Quadro Chave’s nice enough to have their Synfig discoveries online on Vimeo. While watching their videos, I picked up a wonderful gem for making some order and controlling your character. Special thanks goes out to all their hard work in helping making sense of this wonderfully deep program.

Create a New Bone Paste Canvas Layer

'Bones' Paste Layer
‘Bones’ Paste Layer

This is pretty simple. Just copy each rotation layer and paste it into a new Paste Canvas layer that you create. Call your new Paste Canvas layer ‘Bones.’ It’s an easy way to have access to all your rotations at a glance. If you want to check it out in action, check out their video. It’s pretty cool and extremely easy. I opened up Thumbalina and created a ‘Bone’ Paste Layer for her. Great idea!

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  1. Yeah, that looks handy! Synfig does have the ability to group items and access them from the Group panel in a similar way but I was having trouble getting it to work so I abandoned it. This was in version 0.63.03 and 0.64.04 seems to have improved that functionality. When I upgrade I guess I can try it out again.