Adobe Offsetting: December 2015

snhs-sidebar-magazineWorking at the Society for Science & the Public made it easy this month for finding something good to support with my Adobe Offsetting dollars. This December, the Society is running an employee-backed campaign to get Science News magazine into classrooms. Five hundred dollars sponsors a high school with a year’s subscription to the magazine, plus customized teacher’s guides for every issue.

The program is called Science News in High Schools. Typically, a sponsor is responsible for donating enough for one or multiple schools. With the employee-funded drive, we are collectively pooling our money together and the final number of schools supported will depend on the number of dollars raised.

Why give?

Supporting science is more important than ever. With politicians and school systems demonizing and reinventing science, it’s necessary to get accurate and noteworthy research to our younger generation. Science should not be an elitist field and anyone should be able to learn and be inspired by the latest in research and discoveries. Science News in High Schools hopes to democratize learning across economic barriers while also bring up-to-date research to the classroom. The Society is dedicated to supporting the efforts of STEM and increasing science literacy in the classroom.

What can you do?

Right now, only large donations can be made for Science News in High Schools and this month fund drive is solely limited to employees of the Society. Becoming a member of the Society for Science & the Public can be a less direct way to support the cause. By becoming a member, you’re donation goes to programs that encourage science and discovery for young people. One of the membership perks is getting Science News bi-weekly mailed to your home. You also get iPad digital editions of the magazine and full access to the Science News website, including all archives.

If science doesn’t strike your fancy, think about giving close to home. If you work for a company that has a great mission or an annual drive to support, consider giving to it. There are tons of things to give to that are out there and the end of the year isn’t over yet.

Final Numbers

For those of you who are curious, I’ll include a tally of our final drive numbers once our fundraising experiment is over. And just to note—the views and opinions above are all my own.


I’m proud to say that our fund drive was able to get Science News into the hands of seven schools in the District of Columbia. I’m glad to be a part of the mission of encouraging science literacy.

Additional support

As part of my monthly contribution, I am also a subscribing member of the Blender Cloud with a reoccurring monthly donation. If you are just learning Blender, this site is a wonderful resource of videos for learning modeling and animation techniques.

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