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iPad + ArtRage Scripting Woes

Errors with ArtRage Scripts for iPad

Over the past weeks I’ve been singing the praises of ArtRage and their script function for the iPad. Unfortunately, I came up with a painful road block over the past week. I tried running some of my larger scripts last week and came up with a consistent error. One common theme was that all the scripts were large files. I saved one of the scripts while I was in the process of painting, so I have a portion of the working script.

First Author Name Error
First Author Name Error
Second "Author Name" Error
Second “Author Name” Error

I emailed the developers over at Ambient Design and they sent me the following info which may be helpful to others having similar issues. “Please make sure to clear out parked apps and reboot your iPad before recording, that can have an effect on how the device copes with high memory use applications, and script recording may be improved as a result.” 

Normally when using ArtRage, I cancel all programs so that the performance doesn’t suffer. I’ve never rebooted before starting the program. I’m going to try rebooting for future projects and see if this clears up the problem.

Meanwhile, if you’re having a similar experience, please write me. I’m curious to see if this in an isolate issue and if anyone might have solved the problem.


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